Tadasana - Mountain Pose

Tadasana, mountain pose, is essentially identical to what doctors term "the anatomical position" demonstrated in the medical poster above. It is also called "Samasthiti" (sah-mah-stuh-hee-tee) meaning equal standing pose. 

Essential steps for manifesting mountain / equal standing pose:
1) Ground the feet so that they press into the ground solidly. "Four corners" of the feet should press into the ground- base of the big toe, base of the pinky toe, left back edge of heel and right back edge of heel.
2) Contract the calves, quads and hamstrings; try to turn the shins in and thighs out as the same time. This gets the head of the femur (thigh bone) in socket.
3) Engage the glutes.
4) Contract the abdominal mucles.
5) Roll the shoulders up, back and down. Turn the thumbs to the sides pointing away from the body (back of the hand is toward the thighs) to align the scapulae, the shoulder blades, on the back.
6) Grow tall: Press the top middle of the head (not forehead, further back) up away from the feet.
7) Gaze forward with half-lidded eyes or close the eyes and feel your body standing equally balanced on left and right sides, front and back, and sensing equally the ground beneath you and the pressure of the air all around and above you.
A map of the chakras, with figure of human body in mountain pose.
As you can see, this position is often used to represent the human body for the purpose of mapping medical conditions of all sorts. 
Map of physical conditions associated with psychological conditions, with figure of human body in mountain pose.

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