X Chromosome and Inborn Memory

 X chromosome courtesy of Broad Institute
The connection between genes, cellular memory, karma and embryonic development has been studied for thousands of years, with explorations in the Vedas and Gitas, and even an Upanishad, Garbha Upanishad, dedicated to details of embryonic development. As there is a plausible - some would say provable - process of gene replication inherently involving X chromosomes, the topic of heritable human consciousness at reproductive cellular levels comes to the forefront of "modern" science in any discussion of chromosomal selection.

This discussion is about how a fetus comes to having it's distinquishing physical, energetic, karmic and mental traits - not whether such transfer of abilities, tendencies and predispositions is possible.

This passage from a modern text, Care of the Unborn Child with Yoga, p97, frames the question of how we come to life, from the Vedic perspective.

Producing the physical matter that grows into a body and connecting it with a soul requires circumstances of larger consciousness (atman) and time (past) aligning. While the body is created of matter in the present, it is the past “prarabdha karma meaning 'actions begun; set in motion'… that is bearing fruit and shaping the events and conditions of the current life, including the nature of our bodies, personal tendencies and associations.” (See Understanding Karma)

These days yoga is common medicine for a variety of health, longevity, and reproductive issues. Many people, however, don't realize that the yogic practices go even beyond inviting souls to be born, extending as far physically generating combinations of chromosomes to determine the body’s characteristics. Some health organizations use yogic practices to select the physical and mental characteristics of a child -- in fact, this is quite similar to what age-old texts have recorded. Here one such organization, Adhiyoga, explains:
In male the 23rd set of chromosomes is like (XY). In female the 23rd set of chromosomes is like (XX). In these, when the X chromosome from male joins with the X chromosome of female, it leads to give birth to a baby girl (XX). When the Y chromosome from male joins with the X chromosome of female, it leads to give birth to a baby boy (XY). We make it happen as you like.
A connection between X chromosome selection and yogic practices has existed been used for thousands of years, and is discussed openly in the modern day. It is within the realm of dedicated practice that such profound controls over reality occur, yet these controls over oneself within this world are, properly cultivated, the tools that allow one to transcend it.

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