Jathara Parivartanasana - Ab turn pose 

This supine abdominal twist is good for all ages, and popular for relaxation. Girl Scout class, 2014.
This pose is a deep twist for the spine, working with gravity to realign vertebrae and pressing gently on the abdominal organs to stimulate the intestines. Limbs and head rest on the ground, with shoulders evenly weighted and fully pressed into the floor, making it a relaxing pose and a mildly challenging stretch that is easily tailored for individual needs.

The twist tones lower back and abdominal muscles, and is commonly said to reduce excess belly fat by stretching into muscles typically surrounded by stored fat, mobilizing the deposits. Bloodflow increases to the abdominal organs including pancreas, spleen, liver and intestines, which helps with gastrointestinal concerns, and is recommended for aiding digestion.

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